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  • Giving Back

    BFU-USA responded to Regina Pacis Comprehensive College fire disater, which distroyed dormitories and left 124 students stranded...Read More
  • Changing Lives at Regina Pacis High School

    BFU-USA raised $6000 in less than 2 weeks to purchase new uniforms, basic clothing, bedding, and school supplies for students affected by the Regina Pacis dormitory fire disaster...Read More
  • Collaborating With Partners in Bui

    Collaboration between BFU-USA and KUDOC led to the identification and successful delivery of school supplies to orphans in Bui...
  • In Our New Jersey Community

    On the 25th anniversary of the Annual AIDS Walk, the largest of its kind in the world, the NJ chapter was one of the more than 45,000 walkers in Central Park who have raised more than $5.7M!
  • In Our Minnesota Community

    The Minnesota Chapter of BFU-USA presented a performance and held workshops for kids to promote Bui Culture at the 5th Annual Global Celebration sponsored by the Bloomington Minnesota City Council on June 16th, 2012...
  • Our Musical Instruments

    This small hollow drum is just like the piccolo snare drum in an orchestra and is commonly used in traditional dances and music...Read More
  • "Menang" Masquerade Dancers

    Washington DC Metro Chapter "Menang" masquerade dancers. The picture shows "Kam Menang" (captain) on the left and right and "Menang" (dancers) in the middle...
  • "Kikum" Masquerade Dancers

    New Jersey Chapter "Kikum" masquerade dancers performing at the 24th Annual BFU-USA National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Come see them at the 25th Annual National Convention in New Jersey, July 25th - July 28th 2013...
  • Cultural Exchange

    Dancers from the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley perform at the 23rd Annual BFU-USA National Convention in Santa Clara, California...
  • Preserving Our Cultural Heritage

    BFU-USA collaborated with the Fondoms of Nso and Oku to donate several pieces of art to the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington, DC. The donations are currently being reviewed by the Smithsonian...Read More
  • Living Our Cultural Heritage

    The Chicago Chapter of BFU-USA performing during the Cultural Evening at the 24th Annual BFU-USA Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. BFU-USA provides grants for chapters to acquire instruments and become proficient in at least one cultural dance performance...
  • "Mbaya" Dance

    The Minnesota Chapter of BFU-USA performing a very acrobatic rendition of the "Mbaya" dance at the 24th Annual BFU-USA Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota...

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Convention 2013 Pictures

Convention 2013 pictures are online! Relive memories of the wonderful weekend we spent celebrating our culture and learning how we can improve each others' lives, and the lives of our communities in Bui Division. Please contact us if you would like to get a copy of your pictures.

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Gold Picasa Gallery

Medical Container Update

Thanks to your generous support, we have successfully raised $20,000.00 to ship the container with medical supplies and equipment to Cameroon. We are currently working with the Ministry of Finance in Cameroon to file a Letter of Exoneration from Taxes for the container shipment. We submitted our application on January 13, 2013 and it is currently being processed. Upon receipt of this letter, MedShare will start loading the container with the medical supplies. We will inform you as soon as all logistics for shipping the container have been finalized.

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Regina Pacis Project Update

Regina Pacis Disaster

On Sunday morning (December 9, 2012), BFU-USA launched a donation campaign with the immediate goal of raising $2000.00 by asking member to donate $10.00 each. The response was phenomenal. In less than two weeks, BFU-USA members raised more than $6000 to purchase new mattresses, blanket, bed sheets, and school supplies for students affected by the fire. We are pleased to announce that your generous donations have successfully made their way to their intended recipients.

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