• Children Perform Rites Ceremony
  • Njang Wo NewJersey
  • Container Arrives Nso Palace
  • Container Offloading at Kumbo Palace
  • Orphan School Supplies
  • Minnesota Chapter In Bloomington
  • Ntchum
  • Nton Mbii DC 2014
  • Menang Wo DC
  • Kikum Wo NJ
  • Donated Art 2
  • Chicago Njang
  • Minnesota Mbaya Dance
  • Preserving Our Cultural Heritage

    BFU-USA children process in a symbolic presentation of a Tradition Rites ceremony during the 2014 BFU-USA National Convention...
  • Njang Wo New Jersey

    The New Jersey Chapter of BFU-USA performing Njang, one of their signature dance performances, at the 2014 BFU-USA National Convention ...
  • MedShare-NSODA-BFU-USA Collaboration

    BFU-USA collaborated with MedShare Inc. and NSODA to successfully deliver $500,000 worth of medical supplies to health centers in Bui ...
  • Bui Community Receives Medical Supplies

    The Bui community came out in numbers to receive and help offload the medical supplies container...
  • KUDOC-BFU-USA Collaboration

    Collaboration between BFU-USA and KUDOC led to the identification and successful delivery of school supplies to orphans in Bui...
  • In Our Minnesota Community

    The Minnesota Chapter of BFU-USA presented a performance and held workshops for kids to promote Bui Culture at the 5th Annual Global Celebration sponsored by the Bloomington Minnesota City Council on June 16th, 2012...
  • Our Musical Instruments

    This small hollow drum is just like the piccolo snare drum in an orchestra and is commonly used in traditional dances and music...Read More
  • Nton Masquerade

    Nton masquerade made a rear appearance at the 2014 BFU-USA National Convention in Washington DC...
  • "Menang" Masquerade Dancers

    Washington DC Metro Chapter "Menang" masquerade dancers. The picture shows "Kam Menang" (captain) on the left and right and "Menang" (dancers) in the middle...
  • "Kikum" Masquerade Dancers

    New Jersey Chapter "Kikum" masquerade dancers performing at the 24th Annual BFU-USA National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Come see them at the 25th Annual National Convention in New Jersey, July 25th - July 28th 2013...
  • Preserving Our Cultural Heritage

    BFU-USA collaborated with the Fondoms of Nso and Oku to donate several pieces of art to the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington, DC. The donations are currently being reviewed by the Smithsonian...Read More
  • Living Our Cultural Heritage

    The Chicago Chapter of BFU-USA performing during the Cultural Evening at the 24th Annual BFU-USA Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. BFU-USA provides grants for chapters to acquire instruments and become proficient in at least one cultural dance performance...
  • "Mbaya" Dance

    The Minnesota Chapter of BFU-USA performing a very acrobatic rendition of the "Mbaya" dance at the 24th Annual BFU-USA Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota...

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