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Path D Mentee Intake Form

The goal of BFU-USA in PATHWAYS Path D is to leverage the great human resources we have and create a sustainable system to increase the number of Bui students in the United States securing positions in graduate education and professional careers – masters and doctorate programs in any field, medical/pharmacy schools, and law schools, industry and government. For this pilot phase, we will limit our intake to health-related fields, e.g., public health, medical research, clinical work as well as corporate roles like accounting, business management, marketing, sourcing and logistics management etc.

Eligibility for Mentees: Are you interested in joining our mentorship program as a mentee so as to benefit from our professionals who can help you succeed in your chosen educational and professional career? Are you currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program and/or are you already an intern or a recent graduate who is looking for help with navigating your academic or career path?

If your response is YES to the above questions, please fill the following mentee intake form for a chance to get help. Please treat this form like an application to a "job" and provide all the required information. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Thank you!