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BFU-USA PATHWAYS to Sustainable Education in Bui

“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” – Marian Wright Edelman
Over the years, BFU-USA Education Policy has been focused on providing Scholarships to support Academic Excellence, didactic materials to schools and students, and rehabilitating classrooms in the communities we serve. To build greater, measurable, and sustainable impact, The BFU-USA Education Services is excited to introduce a much more robust BFU-USA Education Goal.

This new initiative, code-named PATHWAYS, is a comprehensive and multi-faceted Education Program designed to unveil impactful educational opportunities that will enable beneficiaries attain their academic goals thereby unlocking their full potentials.

PATHWAYS is data-driven and based on the identified educational problems/needs of the communities BFU-USA serves both here in the United States and Bui Division of the North-West region of Cameroon in West Africa. These problems were identified through an integrated analysis of data obtained through BFU-USA ongoing projects, surveys, and expert opinions.

PATHWAYS is comprised of six Paths designed to provide beneficiaries with impactful educational opportunities and enable them to reach their potential. Each Path describes a solution to one or more of the problems identified. The six paths are:
  1. Path A: Provides sustained support for excellence in education among vulnerable and underprivileged students in Bui,
  2. Path B: Accelerates informal skills education among Bui youths by providing basic life skills and trades to thrive in a war-thorn environment that has been mostly deprived of formal education for more than seven years.
  3. Path C: Provides mentoring to the next generation of Bui students in Cameroon for scholarship excellence and access to graduate school education in the U.S,
  4. Path D: Provides mentoring to Bui students in the U.S. for success in graduate school and professional careers.
  5. Path E: Provides scholarships to Bui college students in the U.S. to alleviate financial burden and foster awareness of our culture among our youth in the U.S.
  6. Path F: BFU-USA goes beyond its membership and constituencies to positively impact education in the greater American society in which we live.
The resources to implement PATHWAYS include the human intellect within our membership, financial resources from our members, sponsors, and sustaining members. With sustained financial support and human resources, PATHWAYS will significantly increase literacy levels among elementary school students in Bui, while providing a mentorship channel to high-quality graduate and professional education to Bui students in Cameroon and the U.S., as well as positively impacting our greater American communities.