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Who We Are

About Us

Bui Family Union (BFU)-USA is a US-based national socio-cultural not-for-profit (501c3) organization that carries out charitable initiatives in the areas of culture, education and health benefiting local communities in the US and in Bui Division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

As of 2011, our Union has about 250 members spread across 9 chapters in 8 US states and our charitable initiatives exceed $20,000 annually.


Mission and Vision

All members of our Union share a singular mission: To Enhance and promote socio-cultural awareness, education and growth within the Bui community in the United States and in Cameroon.

By living this mission, we hope to become an enabler of positive sustainable economic development, while promoting and fostering our cultural values – this is our vision!

Our Mantra

We live by the following mantra: Wir Dze Wir Bii Wir! Literally translated, it means who you are is a reflection of those around you. We believe that our community empowers us and that we are who we are because of the grace of others.

United, we can accomplish much more than any one of us can, and so we rally around our mantra: Wir Dze Wir Bii Wir!

What Drives Us

Most of our members trace their roots to Bui Division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, or have worked there, or have friends who are from that region, or simply love the culture of that region. Alongside a vibrant culture, a strong love of tradition, and an industrious population, the region faces a number of social and economic challenges, such as:

  • A large population of orphans who have lost their parents to terminal diseases, and rely on social services for survival

  • A severe shortage of adequate educational infrastructure, teachers, and material (pens, pencils, books) to provide a conducive environment for learning

  • Stigma against people with disabilities

  • An in-effective public health system that under serves the population due to inadequate health infrastructure, ill-equipped health centers, and poorly implemented preventive care standards

  • High unemployment with low or no ability for self-sustenance

Common Values and Common Purpose

As our name suggests, our union was born out of a recognition living as a family, preserving our cultural heritage, and fostering the spirit of giving are the building blocks of a strong community.  

  • We recognize that our success is due to the sacrifices that others have made and the support of a healthy and vibrant community.

  • We recognize the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and our cultural norms as a way of safeguarding and protecting our shared community values.

  • We recognize the necessity of giving back as a way of not only showing our appreciation for the grace we have received, but also as a way to pass our values on to future generations

By creating the framework for a sustainable organization, and promoting institutional excellence by out own example and through collaboration with our local partners in Bui, BFU-USA is the way we have chosen to accept the responsibility to give back to the community that nurtured us.

Living Our Mission

We strongly believe that an educated AND healthy community breeds citizens who contribute positively to the sustainable economic development of their local community. Since our communities in Bui Division are the nucleus of our culture, their development ensures that our culture will also be protected for generations to come.

BFU-USA has chosen to give back and make a difference in Bui Division by carrying out charitable initiatives in Culture, Education and Health. While fostering our culture, the long-term impact of these initiatives forms a strong foundation for sustainable economic development. This is how we become ENABLERS of sustainable economic development in Bui Division!

In the US, our local initiatives contribute to improving the health awareness and education of our communities; they allow our communities to practice and experience our culture; overall, they contribute to a better educated, healthy and culturally-sensitive community.

About Us


Contact Us

Our very able Chief Operations Officer, Judith (aka Ju).
Ju is willing and eager to answer any questions that you may have about our organization.