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Path D Mentor Intake Form

The goal of BFU-USA in PATHWAYS Path D is to leverage the great human resources we have and create a sustainable system to increase the number of Bui students in the United States securing positions in graduate education and professional careers – masters and doctorate programs in any field, medical/pharmacy schools, and law schools, industry and government. For this pilot phase, we will limit to health-related fields, e.g., public health, medical research, clinical work etc.

Eligibility for mentors: Are you interested in mentoring the next generation of Bui students for success in their educational and professional careers? Do you currently work in a hospital, an institution of higher learning or company conducting health-related work (e.g., research lab, clinical duties, pharmacy etc)? If so, are you able to mentor a student (short-term or long-term) who may be interested in your area of work? If not, do you know of a colleague who may mentor such a student?

If your response is YES to these questions, THANK YOU!! Please fill the mentor intake form: