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BFU-USA Membership

Written by Kiy Shang. Posted in About Us

Membership in BFU-USA is voluntary, and is open to all persons who by birth or other relationship are natives of, friends of, wellwishers of, or otherwise affiliated with, Bui Division and are residing in the USA. When you become a BFU-USA member, you can:

  1. Vote in elections for officers of the union
  2. Participate in the BFU-USA Cultural Group Life Insurance
  3. Get discounts on National Convention registration if annual dues are paid on time
  4. Get access to discounts from BFU-USA partners

Membership Dues

BFU-USA is a member supported organization. Membership dues are used to fund our initiatives in Culture, Education, and Health, as well as fund the day to day operating expenses of the organization. Membership dues are supplemented by generous donations from our partners, supporters, and members. To become a member, you must:

  1. Pay a one time registration fee of $25. New members must also select a Chapter affiliation.
  2. Pay annual membership dues of $50. Annual dues are due by December 31st each year.

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