Liykiboomi Magazine

Written by Ray Bannavti

Welcomed by rave reviews, the LIYKIBOOMI Magazine (a publication of BFU-USA) launched at the just ended Silver Jubilee Convention in New Jersey is sold out and going into reprint! You can also access Issue No. 001 online....

Education in Bui Division

Written by Professor Verkijika Fanso, PhD

When I graduated elementary school in 1957, there were only five full stream primary schools (Infants One to Standard Six) in present-day Bui Division: Girls School Shisong, STS Kumbo, Basel Mission Kumbo...

The Power of Forecasting

Written by Jean-Claude Kilo

An ordinary Nso man or woman has never really been concerned with why the initiation, planning, execution and even the monitoring and controlling of Nso cultural and or traditional festivities are usually very successful.

Letter to The Editor

Written by Fonyuy Musa Wirum

In just nine years, a Douala based association of Nso families called Banin Douala has given 318 scholarships worth 10,394,675 FCFA to students in technical secondary schools throughout Nsoland.

Education in Mbam Valley

Written by Gerald Wirmvem

By 2005, MBAVDA area had very few nursery schools and no secondary school. The hard work diligence and intense lobbying has begun to yield fruits. Today, MBAVDA can now boast of 23 nursery schools including community, denominational and government schools...

Fixing Our Finances

Written by Ray Bannavti

The recurrent financial crisis in BFU-USA is very unsettling particularly at the eve of the 25th anniversary celebrations. This crisis is generally brought to the limelight after each convention and/or leadership transition.

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